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Our first free mint event has ended. Please wait for further information.

1. Ninja Yashiki 

Burn multiple red scrolls, and you will receive "Ninja Yashiki" in the metaverse Rium.

You can enjoy Ninja Yashiki by decorating your favorite CNP, gathering with friends, and more.

2. Mixing colors

We will also distribute blue and yellow scrolls later. By mixing these scrolls, it becomes purple, green, and orange.

Further synthesizing can also result in black and rainbow-colored scrolls. Burn or hold, it's up to you!

3.Spirit Evolution

In the future, you can also enjoy "Spirit evolution" using CNPs and particular scrolls.

The image shown is a rough sketch of what it would look like if Orochi evolved into "Yamata-no-Orochi."


Mint, Burn, or hold!

Whether you have CNP or not, the Ninja Scroll is an NFT everyone can enjoy.


CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) is a collection of 22,222 generative profile picture NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

CNP is a fanart project starring sub-characters of the CryptoNinja collection based on a royalty-free business model.

Various utilities including an NFT exchange mechanism (BurNin') have been implemented. 

CNP holders are invited to join discussions for the future development of the collection.

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