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Bucket Co., Ltd.

Sales Company

Shinji Akiyama (CEO)


5-15-14-330 Shinjuku, Tokyo


Contact information

It will be displayed on the screen of the Mint site during the purchase procedure. Consumption tax is shown as tax included.

Selling price


payment method

Internet connection fee, communication fee, Ethereum transaction execution fee (gas fee), etc.

Necessary expenses other than products

Promptly after Ethereum transaction approval is confirmed

Product delivery time

Due to the product's characteristics, it cannot be returned or canceled after purchase. If you cannot use the service, please get in touch with us from the above contact information.

About returns and cancellations


CNP Founder


Toward a world where fans can also be partners

Until now, when we found creative work or a character that we liked, we supported it as a "customer" or "consumer" by buying goods or attending events.

It's not that we are dissatisfied with that.

However, Web3 provides the potential for a new relationship, where we can participate and contribute to our favorite products and characters.

The CryptoNinja Partners NFT is for those who believe in the possibility of building this new connection. 

CryptoNinja takes on the challenge of creating a new character-fan relationship using a flexible rights structure to build a successful Web3-style IP.


If you are even a little bit interested in this project, please join our community by becoming a CryptoNinja Partners NFT owner.

And please use your NFT as a profile picture on your social media accounts to help us raise awareness of this new character-fan relationship.

Let's change the world together!

Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

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