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Concept of CryptoNinja Partners


We issued 22,222 one-of-a-kind Ninja NFTs.

Compared to CryptoNinja, more people can become holders of Ninja NFTs.


CryptoNinja designer Rii2 is in charge of the base design. An orthodox spin-off by the creators of Ninja DAO has been realized.


Rather than short-term trading profits, we hope you can gain the unique experience of being a holder.
We focus on the "value" of being part of a community.


The theme is to create a new relationship between characters, works, and fans.

We aim to create a world where fans can also become "partners."


CNP is not an NFT for speculative purposes.

It is a "membership card" to enjoy all the value generated by NinjaDAO, an active community of over 100,000 people. 

CNP aims to be your partner in enriching your life.

What CryptoNinja Partners aims for


Increase the value

CNP features an issuance volume of 22,222 items, more than twice the volume of popular NFT collections globally.

We will leverage this scale to establish a CNP economic zone and increase the value of "owning a CNP" itself.


New Experiences

Owning a CNP gives you priority access to NinjaDAO projects and events. You will also be the first owner of any new NFTs planned by CNP.


Deeper Experiences

We want you to enjoy being an owner, not just participating. Owning a CNP allows you to commit more to the CNP project and NinjaDAO's events.

Q2 2022

CNP Launch
Launch Commemorative Metaverse Live
Treasure hunt event
Owners votes to determine how to use the proceeds 
Custom-made crafting service for owned CNP avatars
CNP Owner Exclusive Metaverse Event

Q3 2022

Background synthesis site opened
New character NFT
CNP Owner Exclusive Metaverse Music Fest

Q4 2022~

Voxel NFT project Airdrop
The theme park on the metaverse
CNP chakra token airdrop
CNP NFT card battle
Collaboration with Real facilities
Building a new IP business model
Support for other IPs


Here are some of the plans we have in mind.
Please note that the Web3 world is rapidly evolving, and we cannot promise that it will realize all of them.

Plans in Concept


CNP offers three types (5 colors) of logotypes so that you can use them correctly for various purposes. Please confirm guidelines when using logotypes.

CNP logotype





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