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Guidelines for CryptoNinja Partners

【CNP's guidelines for derivative works】

CNP follows CryptoNinja's guidelines and allows using CNP's materials for creative works.

However, the use and tracing of CNP elements are prohibited for generative NFTs, regardless of the number of pieces. Even in the case of one-of-a-kind collections, if the collection consists of more than 100 pieces, the use and tracing of CNP elements are prohibited, as is the case with generative NFTs.

In addition, we may not allow the sale of items that could be mistaken for official CNP items, regardless of whether they are generative or hand-drawn, etc. If you are considering creating generative NFTs using CNP derivative works, it is safe to consult with NinjaDAO beforehand.

You can create new or original works using CNP characters, and we look forward to seeing them. 


CNP Founder Road

*If you sell NFT created as a derivative work of CNP, please clearly state "fan art," "derivative work," "CNP-inspired," etc.

*We welcome derivative works, but please DO NOT use phrases such as "collaboration" or "partnership" that can mislead customers as a CNP official NFT project.

*The following four projects are the only official NFT projects in which CNP management is involved.
CryptoNinja Partners (CNP), Furusato CNP, CNP Toys (LINE NFT), and CNP Villains (LINE NFT).

Due to CNP's business development contract, the following project using CNP is not allowed.

* Hometown tax donation program with NFT as a return gift


(Last modified on Jan 29, 2023)

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